Who got you here?

Well, it’s been 4 months since the first day I worked here.

Let’s talk a little about how I came to this!

I met this one friend when I was a freshman. She appeared to me as a calm, tender and hardworking girl. As my ego was too big (well I’m not proud when saying that now it still is), I didn’t spend much time for her as she deserved. Time passed.

After I got back from my exchange year, I had different impression for her. She has a deeply strong personality which strongly hit me in the head that it’s been so unfair for her due to my lack of observation. Few more months passed.

I graduated. No jobs. No plans. She was the one giving me the opportunity to work and earn money. I own her for that. However, I constantly have this feeling of quitting and opposition. It is not that hard but it requires you to have the effective communication thing which I absolutely lack of. I can translate, I can prepare documents required in the process, I can find information needed, I can support students, I can share my knowledge of study in another country but I don’t want to do marketing and especially do the sales.

Today I had this call from my mother’s student. She is working in human resource field and she is needing an intern. Well, this made me really think seriously about the possibility of me quitting this job. If I quit, I will let my friend down. She is in her second month of maternity leave. A lot of pressure to face. I cannot push her closer to the edge. My conscience does not let me to. If I don’t quit, I will only have a way to go: straight ahead. And to optimize my time, I have to work seriously, although some tasks may do nothing for my later career or have nothing to do with my chosen pathway. I still gain some skills from that.

Today is the last day of July

I now made up my mind

From April to November

Eventually for yourself, so don’t mind





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