Home-made peanut butter

Hi guys, yesterday is the 1-month anniversary of this Berry Bucket blog. I had no intention to write a new post but right now I have nothing to do so … 😀

Recently I can’t sleep early anymore. The major part is that the sadness and loneliness and emptiness I’m feeling have been carved deep down inside my stomach, which makes me hungry all the time and I have to eat to fill them up. Oh gosh my skin is getting oily because of all of those things I’ve done! Sleep late at night, eat so much processed food, sugar and fried food. I just want to go back at the time of 10 months ago and do everything again. But no can’t do, everything is behind me and I’ve made a promise to myself so I should not think like that anymore. Now let’s them go and make some healthy food!

Peanut is the best thing in this world that ever exists. It can go with everything: fruits, bread, cake, veggies, … and I really love the combination of banana and peanut, which are 2 of the best cheap healthy food we can find. And making peanut butter is easy as well because all you need are


Peanut (a lot)

A blender/processor


Firstly roast all peanuts you have. You can use a pan instead of an oven but make sure every peanut has a chance to be roasted well.

Secondly put all peanuts in a blender/processor and push the button. It will change gradually from clumps to the thing that we all eat later 😉

One note that you can keep the skin of peanut if you are too lazy. However, I think that’s not a good idea if the skin is too burned.

That’s all for today. See you later in another recipe! Thank you for your time 🤩😍

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